Photo Gallery: 2022 Continued Growth

Posted on February 8, 2023 at 9:53 pm

Operation 2000 Cherry Trees continued its mission in 2022, enriching both the quality of life in Dayton and friendship between Japan and the US in our region. Photos from 2022 demonstrate our continued contribution in some of the most high-visibility areas of the Dayton region.

April 2022 – Carillon Park

Cherry blossoms in bloom brighten the landscape of Dayton’s 65-acre park and museum.

October 2022 National Museum of the US Air Force

As our trees grow, Operation 2000 Cherry Trees continues to have a substantial presence at Dayton’s world class international attraction.

October 2022 Carillon Park

Operation 2000 Cherry Trees volunteers planted 26 new cherry trees at the park in the autumn, adding a burst of new color to the landscape. Now we have 83 cherry trees in this park.

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