Frequently Asked Questions

As with all charitable giving, we ask you to give knowledgeably. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Operation 2000 Cherry Trees.

Q: Your website mentions that this is an opportunity for Japanese and Japanese-Americans to give back. Will you also accept my donation if I’m not Japanese or Japanese-America?
A: The ultimate goal of this project is to promote and nurture the spirit of tomodachi (friends) between the people of the two nations, so yes, we gratefully accept your donation. However, because we want the trees to be a gift from the Japanese people, we would allocate donations from non-Japanese persons differently. While all donations from Japanese people would go toward purchasing trees, all donations from non-Japanese people will go toward locally maintaining the planting areas and the green areas around the trees.

Q: My company may be interested in sponsoring this endeavor. Do you offer corporate sponsorships besides the individual donations to the tree fund?
A: Yes, corporate sponsorship is welcome. Please click here to send us a message if your company or organization is interested.

Q: What is the timeline for planting the trees? When will I be able to see my tree?
A: We typically plant our trees in groups and update those new plantings and locations on our website so our donors will see the progress.

Q: What if you don’t collect enough funds for 2000 trees? Will my money still be allocated for a tree?
A: We will plant as many cherry trees as the collected money can buy. Also it may take longer to accomplish this project than we originally hoped. In such a case we will continue this project until the goal of 2000 trees are planted.

Q: What is the suggested donation?
A: We budget $300 for each tree. It would be great if you could donate $300 or one tree. However, we accept any amount you are generous to contribute.

Q: When I donate $300 to buy a tree, how will my donation money be allocated?
A: $150 to purchase a tree, $50 for planting, $50 for maintenance and $50 for the Memorial Monument.

Q: How can I be assured that the donation I make to the Dayton Foundation will be used for Operation 2000 Cherry Trees?
A: The Dayton Foundation will establish a special fund specifically for this project. The fund will be disbursed only to qualified not-for-profit organizations or municipalities who actually receive the funds for the purpose of planting cherry trees.

Q: How can I learn more about The Dayton Foundation?
A: Click here.

Q: Will my donation be tax-deductible? Will I be able to receive a receipt for my taxes?
A: Yes, your donations will be tax-deductible.

Q: Why is the planting only in Dayton, Ohio?
A: Good question. It can be any city. But this project has a specific goal of expressing the gratitude of the Japanese people to the US military. Dayton is the home of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Most of the rescue supplies originated from this airbase.

Q: Will there be other places in the Dayton area to plant the trees besides those listed on the website?
A: There are many locations that would be ideal for this project. However, there are many restrictions and this may not be possible. We will work with various municipal governments and park district officials to make sure planting cherry trees is acceptable. We will make trees easily identifiable to the donors who wish to visit Dayton to see the Trees they donated. We will continue to update the website to show where the cherry trees are planted.

Q: Who can I contact if my community would like to plant some of the trees?
A: Thank you for your interest! Please send us a message here

Q: Can cherry trees really grow in Ohio? Does the climate support them?
A: They have been planted in the area and are expected to thrive. However, just like any trees, proper maintenance is required especially during the summer heat and drought. Part of your donation will be allocated to that maintenance.